3rd Enb ent. was founded for many reasons, one of them was the ability to share our art with full control from the ground up. We realized that waiting for everything before starting can keep you waiting forever, so it caused quick action to be taken. We really create our own music with pure intent and for expression purposes, yet we are not ignorant to simple business practice. The focus is to stay out of the way travelling in our own lane, while appreciating the people who do, have, and will support us. Art in its purest form is pure personal expression.

Besides the music we will share our artist merchandise, books, cartoons, dvds, paintings, and drawings. The future has been moving into technology without looking back for sometime now. This is why we focus more on our digital platform. At this time any supporter who wants physical music or ebooks will get it upon request. The benefit of this is that the purchase will be personalized.



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